In Maths, we have been looking at different number types, place values of whole numbers and decimal place values.  We have been sorting numbers in ascending and descending order and rounding numbers to specific decimal places and significant figures. 

Our new Maths tutor Liam has created activities to support some learners’ vocational courses, such as ‘Numeracy in the Hair Salon’ and ‘Numeracy in Construction’.  He is looking forward to creating more activities that link to learners’ ambitions and career prospects.  Also in Maths, this ½ term, we will be learning about equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions in their lowest form.  In the coming week(s) we will be covering percentages and their relationship with both fractions and decimals.  We will also be working with ratios, comparing one part to another part and working out total amounts.  We will be converting between measurements, from imperial units and metric units to conversions with other units, such as currency.