World Teachers’ Day

Today, the 5th October 2022, learners in Trinity Solutions have been using their writing skills lesson to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. 

Learners practised forming compound sentences while writing to their favourite teachers to express their gratitude and articulate why they deserved recognition. 

Here are a few examples below… 

I would like to thank Dave for his help and support at Trinity Solutions Academy.  He tells me I can do it and says don’t give up.  He motivates me to keep going no matter what so I can get my qualifications.  He gets me to try new things every day so I can learn. 


I have chosen Dan and Jess because you helped welcome me in this school.  You make me believe in myself.  You respect me and the whole college, you are really kind and make me laugh.  You make me feel special because you listen. 


It is World Teachers Day so I have chosen to invite Jim to a party and I would be very grateful if you could come. 

I have chosen you because you have helped me in my time at college by having a laugh with us and listening to my ideas.  You have made a difference in my life by helping me get my head down at college and having something to focus on, which is helping me to stay out of trouble.  The event aims to thank teachers for what they do.  I think it’s important to celebrate because you are always working and teaching us, and this gives you a chance to enjoy yourself. 


I would like to thank Jess for her help and support whilst in Trinity Solutions.  She picks me up when I’m down by making me laugh.  Jess is also really respected by me because she shows true respect back. She takes time to talk to me properly rather than laughing at me.  Overall, Jess has made me feel welcome here at Trinity. 


I would like to thank Marie for their help at Trinity Solutions Academy.  The first reason is she helped me to understand which course to choose.  Marie also helped me by putting me in a class and making sure I was ready for it.  She said I'm very capable.  Marie let me count the tuck shop money and see if there was any money missing.  This helped me because I understood different ways to count money and how to count if I was working in a real shop.  This has helped me because I am learning how to be independent.