Happiness at Work Week with LLDD

This week with LLDD, in order to promote ‘Happiness at work week’ we brought them all together for a fun-filled day of activities and team-building exercises. The learners were put into groups coinciding with their Maths and English levels where they started off with an icebreaker, creating self-portraits of each other with a twist. No-one was allowed to look at the paper! As you can imagine the illustrations produced were interesting and generated a lot of laughter and positivity. The learners then went on to create their own happiness at work manifestos, producing ideas on what would increase positivity for them in a work place and sharing their ideas with the class, in order to promote a calm, safe and understanding environment with their peers. 

After break the real fun began, learners went out exploring the grounds in their groups, collecting pictures to go on their storyboards when they returned to the classroom. The creativity flowed as we heard tales of zombie apocalypses, the ‘true’ story of evolution and all about the adventures of a very unfortunate pig! The amount of work produced by the learners was remarkable and even though they weren’t in their usual Maths and English sessions they were still developing essential skills.  

One such skill was the power of persuasive speech, as they went on to design a product beneficial to College life that SLT could invest in, with the winning product being ‘Robin the Reliable Robot’. An order was even placed by one of the members of staff! 

The learners did a brilliant job, they we’re engaged, motivated and happy throughout. It was lovely to see new friendships budding and old ones reaffirmed. Furthermore, the feedback from the day has been extremely positive and it has been lovely to see LLDD off to such a brilliant start. Well done to everyone and keep up the good work!