Preparing young people aged 16 - 18 for the world of work.

Our pledge is to work hard to develop an innovative and engaging programme that is truly responsive to the needs of each individual learner.

Our skilled and friendly staff aim to provide outstanding learning and support, working with our learners to create, nurture and sustain a transition to further learning and/or employment.

Ofsted Inspection Quotes 2022

‘Students enjoy studying in a calm, caring and nurturing learning environment that supports them in participating fully in all aspects of their programmes. They develop positive social behaviours and are very courteous towards each other at the academy and towards their clients when on work experience.’

‘Staff build in a broad range of vocational experiences so that students can experience tasters in the industries in which they have an interest. This helps students to make good progress from their starting points in developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they will need for work or for future training and education.’

Trauma Informed Schools UK award report

The Post 16 young people talked about the support they have had and why they have had it. They talked about their relationships with staff and one young person talked me through the induction process she experienced, which evidenced her feelings of safety and belonging.

The Post 16 environment is well thought-out and evidences the training they have had around bringing the outside in, and having calming, and soothing areas etc.

All the young people spoken to appeared to have an EAA (emotionally available adult) to speak to. The Trust utilises colleagues called Parenting Leads who offer this additional support around the EAA role across the schools.

The level of care observed from staff was extremely high, the young people really do matter to them.

Interactions on the Farm … really evidenced the trust children and young people had in their school and the colleagues they work with.

The Trust utilises a range of evidence-based interventions and support and is proactively ensuring they only use support mechanisms that have a good evidence base.

Many interactions were observed at … Solutions whereby staff were using good listening skills and responding empathically/ appropriately to children and young people.

Solutions offer children a range of interventions and support within a trauma informed framework.

Head of School

Mrs Sarah Stuart

Non Vocational Programme Lead

Mrs Sarah Butler

Head of Safeguarding, Inclusion and School Improvement Lead

Mr Mark Kennedy

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