For the love of reading

World Book Day took place on 3rd March 2022. The aim of the day is to promote reading for pleasure and allow learners the opportunity to have a book of their own.

Reading for pleasure can have a big impact on a young person’s success, more so than income or family background! Spending just 10 minutes each day reading can make a difference to future success and more importantly can be fun or help you learn something on a topic that really interests you. In our Post 16 Academies, fifteen minutes is set aside each week for learners to read and reflect and what they discovered. Once they had logged this information 6 times they receive a certificate.

As part of world book day, staff in our Post 16 Academies posted signs on classroom doors displaying what they had read, were currently reading and would like to read next. This formed part of a quiz which all students participated in for some sweet prizes. We are overjoyed that Peter from Trinity Post 16 Solutions Ltd was one of two winners. Congratulations!!!!!

To keep the enjoyment of reading going, all learners were presented with a voucher entitling them to a selected free book or £1 off a book of their choice from participating stores. Keep enjoying reading everyone!