Keep calm and save a life

One of the four preparing for adulthood areas learners with EHCP’s work towards is how to remain healthy. Whilst looking after your own heath is very important you may find yourself at work or in the community faced with looking after the health of someone else. Trinity Post 16 Solutions Ltd (TPSL) have focused their timetabled health sessions this half term on how to respond when someone else takes ill. Coinciding with ‘restart a heart day’, TPSL learned the ultimate first aid skill in how to respond to an unconscious casualty and perform CPR.

Learners followed procedures from start to finish including first and foremost check for danger and ensure your own safety. They went on to learn then perfectly demonstrate CPR using compressions and also talked through using a defibrillator and identified where ours is stored in the Academy.

We discussed how when faced with the prospect of performing CPR for real we don’t know how we might respond. If we are too scared we talked through how to make an emergency call. Using the acronym LIONEL (Location, Incident, Other services, Number of people, Extent of injuries, Location) we used case studies to practice alerting the right emergency service for a situation. We incorporated digital skills using the app What 3 Words to pinpoint where an incident was.