Law and Legal Work

New for September 2023!

This course provides opportunities for learners to enter employment in the legal sector or to progress to further vocational qualifications in Law and Legal Work. With topics such as The English Legal System, Aspects of Family Welfare Law and Practice, Criminal Law and Procedure, Police and their Powers, learners will gain a greater understanding of Law and Legal work through research, work related contexts and case studies. Throughout this course learners will be given opportunities to undertake a work placement within the industry.

As well as your vocational programme, you can work towards Maths and English qualifications, as well as a range of bolt-on qualifications such as a CSCS card.

Bursary is available depending on circumstances. 

Remote Learning:

All theory elements of each course can take place remotely with staff completing regular welfare checks. Training will be given to learners and policies will need to be discussed and acknowledged, before remote learning takes place.