Construction on the Farm

This week, the construction vocation learners have been putting their practical skills and knowledge to the test, as well as their teamwork, when they were able to visit the on-site farm and carry out some repairs to fruit and vegetable planters there. 

The planters are made from bricks, but over time they have suffered from general wear and tear, cracked concrete, and some missing bricks. The learners took a look at the planters (9 in total) and worked together to assess how many replacement bricks were required as well as what tools and equipment would be needed to complete the task at hand. 

The work was carried out over a two-day period where the learners coordinated their efforts and executed their plan efficiently – and even went one step further by tidying the area up afterwards and repairing fencing in the area too. 

The learner feedback was really positive about the work too, stating that they enjoyed the chance to use their skills and knowledge in a real situation.