Financial Literacy at Solutions

There has been a sharp focus on the cost of living, rising bills and inflation within the news. And within educational news, this has led to arguments for financial literacy to be part of the curriculum within schools and colleges.

At Trinity Solutions Academy, we recognised this was an important topic for our learners to help prepare them for adult life. Therefore, we introduced financial literacy into our curriculum this year and so far we have covered topics such as good debt, bad debt, budgeting, borrowing and this half term are learning about pay slips and tax.

We recently asked our learners what they thought of financial literacy and were amazed by their responses which are below:

  • Financial Literacy has helped me with taking care of money and being careful with how I spend it
  • The Financial Literacy lessons have helped me understand budgeting and debts and a lot more
  • I find Financial Literacy valuable and a key lesson
  • Financial literacy is great
  • Financial literacy is valuable life skills to have and good to be taught from a young age.

Needless to say, financial literacy will stay on our curriculum for next year!