Lidl tyre checks

On Monday 17th October 2022, we took two of the learners from the Level 1 Motor Vehicle course to Lidl to offer free tyre checks to customers in the car park.  

Once customers pulled up and parked their cars; the learners approached them in a friendly manor to offer free checks on their cars. They did this using a tread depth gauge and once they had checked the depth of all four tyres on each car; they wrote down on a sticky note the depths, with a further instruction advising the customers to seek new tyres if needed, which they found to be the case on one of the cars they checked. They then placed this sticky note on the driver’s side windows for the customers to see when they returned.  

The learners did very well and demonstrated confidence to approach customers; they both got through a good amount of tyre checks trough working together as a team to get each car done swiftly and effectively to ensure full customer satisfaction. They showed a good understanding of the task and completed their checks immaculately.  

On Tuesday 18th October, we took another two of our learners down to Lidl; once again offering free tyre checks and approaching customers to offer their services in a safe and friendly way, and again they impressed us throughout.  

The confidence shown in both of Tuesday’s learners was phenomenal, and they demonstrated very good people skills as well as practising team work and communication to get through a very good number of cars. 

Tuesday’s learners seemed a lot more confident than those from Monday and as a result they seemed to both attract and approach a lot more customers; we were very impressed today.  

One of the learners showed exceptional communication towards customers and his way of talking to them on a more personal level through having a chat with them rather than just saying the same line over and over seemed to work a treat and as a result we received positive comments from customers who had their tyres checked.  

All in all; both days seemed to be successful and every learner showed that they are able to break out of their comfort zone in one way or another, and we are very happy and impressed with everyone who took part.  

The learners demonstrated English skills through speaking and listening as well as using numerical skills to link to Maths.  

We did this social action to help the community in our local area ensure that their cars are safe to use on our roads and therefore producing a safer environment. We chose tyres because it is tyre safety awareness month, and we thought it linked in well.