Maths – Story 1

In mathematics, learners have been very busy.  Trinity Solutions Academy learners were able to deploy their maths skills in a Money and Cash Handling exercise.  It seemed wherever money was concerned, none of the learners wanted to get their calculations wrong!  

Most of the learners enjoyed this topic, particularly in a café setting.  The learners used fake money when presented with food orders and had to calculate how much change each customer would receive, including on orders which had part-payments with vouchers and, on other orders, when a sales discount was applied.  

The Level 2 learners did really well and had mainly achieved top marks for the activity.  Level 1 learners had made some errors but were able to identify where they had gone wrong and then practiced on counting upwards from the item cost to the amount given by the customer.  

The learners were all encouraged to further practice their cash handling skills in real-life situations, whether in a café or a retail setting, and calculate how much change they can expect to receive on their own purchases, and compare if they got their amounts right!