Motor Vehicle: Bike Week

This week, the learners in Motor Vehicle have been working extensively on several motorbikes in the garage – including road and trail bikes – as well as a moped. Bike engines and components can differ significantly from car and van components, so this week has allowed the learners who are less versed in bikes to gain some valuable experience working on them. In particular, they have been able to see how spark plug use differs in bikes compared to cars, which ties in with their current units they are working too, as well as their current lessons on spark ignition fuel systems and the differences between two-stroke and four-stroke engines. 

The learners who already have a keen interest and previous experiences working on bikes have also been great at sharing their knowledge with others. The learners have enjoyed this shake-up to their regular car based work, and have demonstrated a real working flexibility with how jobs may come in to a garage in the working world. The bikes have had various mechanical issues, but through the learners’ hard work and enthusiasm for the project we have managed to get most of them running so far and have cleaned them up and stored them for future work in the garage.