Motor Vehicle: New Arrival

In Motor Vehicle we have received a new arrival! A new car has been donated to us for use by our learners in the garage. 

The new car was picked up and delivered by truck earlier in the week, and has had an initial check over with the learners between other jobs. Internally, the car is in great shape with a lot of almost new components, but will require some mechanical attention to get it fully running again (as it currently does not start). Externally, there is some weather damage, some scratches, dints, and a broken light or two, but these can be repaired and replaced as required also.  

The inside of the car may also need some upholstering work, and definitely needs to be cleaned out and organised to begin with.  

The new arrival is a 2010 model Nissan Juke, and quite rare as it is one of the few Jukes that have 4-wheel drive.  

The learners are excited to work on this new addition and will get the opportunity to make their initial checks and work assessments on the vehicle together in the coming days.