Motor Vehicles - Centre Pieces for NATSEC Conference

This week in Motor vehicle a small group of learners were tasked with creating centre pieces for our upcoming NATSEC conference. The brief for each piece is: each centrepiece should be able to be seen by the 8-10 conference delegates who will be seated on 6ft round tables. Your design should reflect your college and learners.

They can be made of materials of your choice. We encourage you to be environmentally friendly. Any lighting used but must be battery operated. The maximum dimensions are 1ft wide up to 2 ft high however, if solid, your design should fit below eye level to allow delegates to see people opposite.  If your design is tall, it should have a thin element at eye level so delegates can see around or through it easily. Learners must be involved in the design and creation of the table centrepieces. The pictures above show some ideas and creations from this week, learners came up with all ideas and had an excellent day of making the pieces.