Motor Vehicles - Suspension

Learners have been on an exciting journey of discovery this week. Over the past few days, learners have delved deep into the world of car’s suspension.  

In class, learners have been occupied in the theoretical aspects such as identified the main components used in suspension systems and stated the purpose and function of the main component used in suspension systems. 

Therefore, our learners learned what car suspension is and why it's important. The tutor also explained that suspension helps cars to ride smoothly over bumps and keeps them stable. 

Furthermore, learners listened carefully and asked questions to understand better. Also they were given an article to read for fifteen minutes on car suspension subject to expand their knowledge. To finish this task, they were handed a quiz sheet to test their knowledge around this topic.   

However, our learners education did not stop at the classroom door. In the garage they have rolled up their sleeves and put theory into practice under the supervisor of tutors. Learners got hands on experience working with car suspension.  

Tutors showed them different parts of the car suspension, such as shock absorbers, ball joints, upper and lower arm. Joints, bearings, bushings and springs. They also learned how to check for problems and fix them.