Ofsted 2022

We have received some amazing quotes following our recent Ofsted visit:

‘Students benefit from the high level of support that they receive from their tutors, who successfully help them to overcome the challenges that they face in participating in learning.’

‘Students enjoy their time at Trinity Solutions Academy and talk enthusiastically about their experiences.’

‘Students enjoy studying in a calm, caring and nurturing learning environment that supports them in participating fully in all aspects of their programmes. They develop positive social behaviours and are very courteous towards each other at the academy and towards their clients when on work experience.’

‘Students feel safe when at the academy. They are taught about risks which could affect them in all aspects of their lives and how to keep themselves safe from these risks. As part of the enrichment programme, staff provide students with useful information on how to stay safe and about life in modern Britain. Students are confident that tutors would provide good support if they had a concern and know that they would act in their best interests.’

‘Students, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities and those with high needs, quickly develop important life skills such as becoming more independent, confident and resilient’

‘Staff build in a broad range of vocational experiences so that students can experience tasters in the industries in which they have an interest. This helps students to make good progress from their starting points in developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they will need for work or for future training and education.’

‘Tutors plan learning that is tailored well to meet students’ individual learning needs.’

‘Tutors use their industry knowledge and experience well to present information in a skilful way that helps students quickly gain new knowledge and skills and produce work of a high standard’.

‘Students benefit from useful careers guidance which supports them in identifying their ambitions. Tutors ensure that students understand all aspects of a wide range of job roles, including different working conditions and employers’ expectations of Inspection report: Trinity Solutions Academy 7–9 December 2021 4 employees.’

‘The multi-academy trust’s designated safeguarding lead ensures that a culture of safeguarding permeates the academy’