Read All About It

In an effort to equip learners with vital skills for navigating today's information-rich world, learners in Functional Skills English have been utilising The Happy Newspaper resources.  These are ideal for young people in a society that is dominated by negative media coverage as they encourage learners to seek out the joys and positives in their own lives and the world around them. 

Throughout the week, we have been exploring the features of newspaper articles and participating in scavenger hunts where learners were tasked with locating and extracting specific information. Learners have not only improved their reading skills but also honed their ability to discern important details within a sea of information. 

Perhaps the most essential aspect of this endeavour is the learners' exploration of fake news. In an era when misinformation and disinformation are widespread, these discussions are crucial. By analysing real-life examples and engaging in group conversations, learners are learning how to recognise red flags that may indicate a news story is not credible. They are developing a keen sense of scepticism and critical thinking, two skills that are essential for responsible and informed citizenship.