Speaking & Listening

Top of Form

Our English tutor Jessica has beamed with pride during the last fortnight as groups of Functional Skills learners have overcome their anxieties and undertaken their speaking and listening exams! Some dived deep into the ethical implications of AI, sparking passionate discussions about whether it will help or harm humanity. Others tackled the pressing environmental issue of our time, debating whether electric cars truly are the future of transportation. It was inspiring to see our learners articulate their thoughts, listen actively to their peers, and engage in thoughtful dialogue on these complex subjects. 

In a world where learners communicate predominantly via phones and social media, it was incredible to see learners operating outside of their comfort zone. These exams were not just a test of their speaking and listening skills, but also a testament to their ability to think critically and express themselves confidently. We are excited to see what our remaining learners have to say over the next term… 📚🎙️🗨️