Sticking To Our Guns in English

This week, GCSE and Level 2 learners were posed the following question: “Should the UK adopt America’s gun laws?” Whilst some learners argued for the right to self-defence and protection of property, others contributed shocking statistics and anecdotes related to both mass and accidental shootings. 

Learners articulated their stances, weaving together compelling arguments that demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding gun laws.  The classroom transformed into a forum for respectful debate, where learners articulated their perspectives and actively listened to their peers. This not only enhanced their oral communication skills but also promoted a collaborative learning environment, where diverse opinions were acknowledged and appreciated. 

Learners honed their planning, writing, and editing skills through the creation of newspaper articles designed to argue their respective positions on this complex issue. The purpose behind this exercise was to instill in them a mastery of persuasive language features and formal writing techniques. We anticipate that their skills in research, argumentation, and persuasion will serve them well in their academic journeys and beyond.