This Week in Motor Vehicles - Competition Time!

We have entered a competition! 

This competition is an opportunity for young people who may be aspiring to become self-employed or work in a business-related role to develop work-readiness skills and progress to gain paid employment.  


During the competition, competitors will work as a team on a project with a sustainable theme. The competition will focus on taking an everyday item that is readily available in abundance and asking the learners to create an Enterprise project around this. 

Our learners have chosen to focus on tyres because they see the immense potential for innovation and sustainability in repurposing them. With their durability and ubiquity, tyres often end up as environmental hazards when discarded improperly. However, our learners are determined to change that narrative. 

Their project, dubbed "Tread Forward," aims to transform discarded tyres into a range of eco-friendly products, from furniture to playground equipment, and even eco-friendly housing solutions. By upcycling tyres, they hope to reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and contribute to a greener future. 

The skills the learners will need to demonstrate include: • Teamwork • Presentation Skills • Research skills • Money Management skills • Analytical • Creativity and Design • Environmental Awareness. 

As well as being judged on their vocational skills, the opportunity for learners to showcase their wider skills for work and life is a substantial and important element of the competition. 

We created mood boards for the first stage and are hoping to get through to the next.