This week in MV 05.10.22

Recently, we started our health and safety topic and our learners did a floor plan of the garage in which all of the fire exits, fire extinguishers, etc. were all labelled so that everyone knows where to find them. The learners then did some written work in their books where they thought about health and safety in the workplace and where these could stem from, how to prevent them and what to do in case of emergencies; and everyone got on with this well.  

This week also saw the arrival of the new tyre balancer; which our learners helped set up and put together; and then learned how to use and maintain this high tech piece of equipment. Dave did a tester demonstration for our learners and showed them how to successfully balance a wheel, which all of the learners took on board very well (Especially Finley and Adam).  

Our learners also took part in helping with the progress of the Ford Fiesta which has troubled the ramps for the past couple of weeks; they did things such as helping with removing the old exhaust and replacing it with its new one, removing the wheels to expose the brake drums; which Finley and Cole did very well in removing and deconstructing. They also learned about the importance of undersealing a car and how it would protect the car from corroding and rusting over time.