Well, well, well...

Learners in the Motor Vehicle vocation have been putting a lot of work into our sensory garden project this week and have not only completed construction of the well we set out to make (using materials and repurposing scrap tyres from the garage), but have also managed to make adjustments to the basic structure – adapting it on the fly to account for any holes, gaps, warps in the materials and issues with how heavy the piece was becoming. 

They have also drilled into and supported the structure, and made it smooth and ready for the next steps of construction. The learners also decided that to top off the design and add their own “garage flair” to it, we would attach an engine chain as a final decorative piece. The learners and staff all agree that this makes the roof structure of the well really ‘pop’. 

The next stages for the project are to paint it, which will also give it some weather-proofing, and to use the main well structure as a planter before it is places in the sensory garden.