World Book Day 2022

Despite protestations to the contrary, the teachers in Solutions are real ‘Readaholics’.

Yes, you read that right!  Each teacher was given a Bitmoji  embossed ‘Currently Reading’ card to fill in, that detailed not only what they were currently reading, but also what they had just finished reading and finally, what they were thinking of reading next.  Without exception, everyone fully filled in their cards and discussions ensued on the genre, narratives and sharing of novels.  I myself, am keen to read ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ (Mark Haddon) intrigued by the lively discussions on the style (written in the style of an autistic author) and topic (murder mystery) of the novel.

We have a lovely library in Solutions with a variety of novels ranging from ‘Diverse Voices’ and ‘LGBTQ’ novels, to reference and mental health books.  For our celebration of World Book day, we discussed the possibility of dressing up as our favourite character from a novel and the idea that we might all bake a book – but in-between Christmas feasts and ‘fasting’ for Lent, we settled on a book quiz.  Extracts from a selection of novels and books were dotted around the hub and a question sheet with 10 easy and an additional 10 harder questions were distributed to students.  A lively morning of finding information (aiding English Functional Skills) from the novel extracts, resulting in many students managing to get all 20 questions correct! What was even more pleasing was the amount of students visiting the library afterward to borrow a novel to read at home.  When it is returned, I am also keen to I to make my next read Naoki Higashida’s ‘The Reason I Jump’ : - a memoir about a boy with autism.