Learn, Remember, Achieve!​​​​​​​

The past year has been particularly challenging and staff and learners have had to overcome many hurdles along the way. This has not stopped the determination and resilience of the Vocational staff to support our learners in achieving their qualifications. We have seen a great level of enthusiasm since returning from lockdown for learners to complete their practical assessments and gain hands-on skills. The vocational team have been creative, supportive and inspiring in finding ways to keep learners engaged ensuring they are learning, remembering and achieving! So far, all learners have completed their Vocational qualification at award and certificate level and are now working on those final units to gain their Diploma. It has been fantastic to see the Vocational portfolios come together with the combination of virtual theory work and now practical assessments. Well done to the Vocational team and all learners. Now go get those Diplomas!

Sarah Stuart (Vocational Programme Lead)