Land Based Studies | Stuck in the Mud​​​​​​​

With the winter months fast approaching, our farm becomes wetter, muddier and messier – especially when there are pigs around. As part of Unit 23: Assisting with animal accommodation, our learners needed to choose the tools, resources and equipment required for cleaning out the pigpen. As you can see this is a very mucky job, as our pigs love lying in the mud that much they take it into their beds! Our Land Based Studies learners used shovels and pitchforks to get all of the mud out of the bed area, used a brush to sweep, Jeyes fluid to disinfect and fresh straw for new bedding once all dry. Our learners are very hardworking and resilient and work in all weathers and situations, this gives them an insight to future job prospects of working on a farm or a job outdoors. Well done girls!