Student Feedback for Maths & English

Here are some of the comments Lara and Jessica, Maths and English tutors at Trinity Solutions Academy, received on their last day on the programme…

“Lara makes maths fun and easier to understand. Jess makes English easy and smiles a lot to make the atmosphere better. The class reminds me of being back downstairs playing pool and enjoying my time. Jess and Lara, thank you for everything you have done for me.”
Jamie F

“Lara and Jess have been amazing. When I first started I was really nervous coming here. When the weeks went on Jess and Lara have been amazing teachers. You really helped me boost my confidence up and forever I will be grateful for that. Thank you Lara and Jess for being my teachers. I am going to miss seeing you on Mondays. All these memories will forever be in my heart. Can’t wait to tell my future children of what a blast I had. Thank you for everything.”

“I really enjoyed Maths and English. We had such a good laugh and Lara and Jess love me being funny. I will miss you very much.”
Justin M

“Lara made us all set a good example for our work. Jess always made us feel happy even though we may have got some answers wrong.”
Jay M

“Great lessons. Always felt that I learned something new every week. Lara and Jess are nice teachers.”
Jamie T

“Lara and Jess are amazing teachers because they help you pass your exams and they give you the confidence.”
Jordan C-S

“Maths and English with Jess and Lara has been very good. Remote learning was very easy to log onto. I have passed my Level 2 English and Level 1 Maths and will be sitting my Level 2 soon. Jess and Lara are amazing teachers.”
Lee L

“Jess showed resilience and courage to educate me and the class. She has determination to get everyone to be their best. Lara has helped me get through all of my exams and has given me loads of revision guides and help.”
Ryan W

“Jess has supported me through all of my failed GCSE attempts and has set me on the path to pass. Jess has shown excellent patience with me and all she wants is for us to achieve what we want in life.”
Kieron B

“Jess is a great teacher by helping me settle in and get comfortable with coming in every day.”
Stefan C

Jessica and Lara are incredibly grateful for their kind words and will miss teaching the students each week. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours with Solutions or on their paths to employment.