Parting with a Party​​​​​​​

After a year of hard work and determination, Trinity Solutions Academy bid farewell to their Project Choice students and Supported Interns. Despite the fact that students faced many hurdles in their learning this year, they demonstrated resilience and patience when adjusting to new routines and participating in virtual sessions. Furthermore, six out of the eight students achieved their Maths and/or English qualifications, with one student achieving two levels in Functional Skills English.

For our celebrations, Lara and Jess created quizzes and activities based upon student interests such as Marvel films, WWE Champions and Premier League football team anagrams. We then ate rainbow cakes whilst reminiscing about our favourite Monday memories and proudest moments. To end the event, students voted for their peers to win awards in the following categories:

  • The Kind Award - Toriqul I
  • The Calm Award - Jay M
  • The Honest Award - Jamie F
  • The Striving for Excellence Award - Liam C
  • The ‘Spirits Up’ Award - Jamie T
  • The Outstanding Improvement Award - Justin M

We wish these students luck with their future endeavours. We know they will make us and themselves proud.