The Students of Business Past​​​​​​​

Last week, Trinity Solutions Academy has opened its doors to host work placements for two New College Durham learners who are studying their BTEC in Business Level 3 Extended Diploma.

Heena, an ex-Trinity Solutions learner, and Alice kindly volunteered to deliver a talk to the current business administration cohort on career opportunities within the industry and the value of work placements.

Alice started by outlining the modules they have undertaken so far, including human resources, accountancy, internet marketing and visual merchandising. She also explained how essential work placements have been for her career development: “The great thing about work placements is you get to experiment and establish if a particular field is right for you. Some people go into accountancy, human resources, or even self-employment.”

Heena then offered an account of her time on placement at Trinity Solutions Academy: “When I was at college here it was absolutely amazing. At first, I was so shy and didn’t like talking to people. I always sat by myself. Jess boosted my confidence because she would write me notes like ‘You can do it!’ and talk to me if I was worried. I learned everything from work placement so I was more prepared when I began my level 3.”

Heena and Alice answered questions from the learners regarding future career avenues and what attracted them to study business administration at college level. To finish the session, they gave their “top tips for success”:

  • Be open-minded
    “You will get tasks that you don’t feel 100% about but try them anyway. You might discover that you like them, or that the area of business you thought you’d want a career in actually isn’t for you.” - Alice
  • Be punctual
    “It makes a big difference to what people in the team and your boss think about you.” - Heena
  • Come out of your comfort zone
    “This is the first time I’m doing a placement in Newcastle and I’m really enjoying it so it pays off.” - Alice
  • Stay happy and be positive
    “You have to be positive and motivated when you are working in a team. Make teas and coffees for staff, they will like it!” - Heena