Spreading Kindness in Solutions​​​​​​​

Students from Project Choice worked together to create an advent calendar for their peers.

Titled “The 25 Days of Kindness”, the calendar encourages you to do one selfless act each day in order to spread Christmas cheer and promote Solutions’ peer support agenda.

The activity enabled students to practice empathy when discussing those less fortunate than themselves, and reflect upon their relationships with friends and members of the family.

If you would like to take part, our calendar is below…

The 25 Days of Kindness

  1. Bake sweet treats for your teachers
  2. Buy Christmas pyjamas for you and a friend
  3. Pay someone a compliment
  4. Donate your old clothes or items to a charity shop
  5. Send Christmas cards to your friends and family
  6. Help someone carry their groceries
  7. Volunteer for a charity or soup kitchen
  8. Be a Secret Santa (leave a present for someone without saying your name)
  9. Pay for someone’s lunch or takeaway
  10. Hoover the house or do the dishes
  11. Offer hats, scarves and gloves to the homeless
  12. Watch a Christmas film with someone
  13. Make someone a hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles
  14. Have a day out with your friends or family (wrap up warm!)
  15. Create your own Christmas crackers with jokes and a positive message inside
  16. Donate items to the local foodbank
  17. Make someone laugh (tell them a joke)
  18. Buy a homeless person a hot drink in a reusable cup
  19. If someone is going to be alone on Christmas Day, invite them for a drink or dinner (with permission)
  20. Shovel the ice and snow in your street
  21. Handshake, high 5 or hug day
  22. Build a snowman or snow-woman
  23. Make a Christmas stocking for a family member
  24. Say “happy holidays!” or “Merry Christmas!” to a neighbour
  25. Take care of yourself: eat something delicious and stay cosy!