A Christmas Trim​​​​​​​

Over the past few weeks in Land Based Studies, our learners have been completing some grooming work on our animals. It’s always good to get your nails done and have a bit of self-care, but on Trinity Farm, we stick to a set time scale of when our animals need grooming. This time, our goats got their nails trimmed. This requires a lot of teamwork, effort and resilience from our learners and they did a great job! Part of the task is catching and restraining the animal – safely and suitably. They then ensure they follow the correct Movement and Handling procedures to ensure no injuries or strains occur to themselves or the animal. Tools are selected and used safely to clip the nails, file them down and make the feet comfortable for the animal. Our learners communicated effectively and worked together to get through all of our goats and give them a good pamper. Well done team!