Animal Care and Behaviour​​​​​​​

Our new pony Storm has settled in brilliantly to Trinity Farm. Our Land Based Studies learners have been focusing on their animal care units for their Diploma this week. Part of this unit looks at caring for animals, animal behaviour and training a young animal. Our learners gave Storm a lot of attention, affection and praise while they spent some time with her. This included getting her used to a head collar and lead rope, being brushed, hand-fed, and being walked around the farm on a lead rope. Jessica and Ellie used their Horsey knowledge and experience to safely handle Storm. They walked her around the farm using a lead rope and managed to get her to change direction on her walk. They gave lots of praise, treats and pats to Storm which reassured her and kept her calm throughout her session. Storm has been enjoying time with our other animals on the farm and having a run on the paddock with a munch on the grass. Land-Based Learners have kept the animal accommodation clean, safe, secure and up to a great standard whilst working towards their Diploma. Great work everyone!