Solutions Reverse Advent Calendar​​​​​​​

This December, Solutions have been participating in advent activities centred on wellbeing.

We have discussed coping strategies and what makes us happy, reintroduced coffee catch-ups, and created kindness baubles to celebrate each other’s attributes.

Last week, our advent task was to donate items to a charity so we chose West End Foodbank on Benwell Lane. Members of staff donated tinned vegetables; porridge oats; food cupboard staples such as rice and pasta; sanitary products; UHT milk, and long-life Christmas treats. Lesley then delivered these to the food bank in time for the festive period.

This year in particular, many families will rely upon foodbanks. We hope that our donation will help to ease a fraction of stress and worry for members of the community so that they can end 2020 in piece and togetherness.

If you would like to follow in our footsteps, search for Newcastle Foodbank on Facebook where you will find a list of recommended items to donate.