World Book Day 2021

Trinity Solutions Academy celebrated World Book Day in a number of ways: discussions around banned books and how to promote reading among teenagers; themed reading list posters including LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter; a “Let Me TakeASelfie” competition, and two writing challenges.

We also discussed the following benefits of reading for young people:
Let Me TakeAShelfie
Tutors uploaded photographs of their bookshelves, containing clues to their identity such as book titles or trinkets. Learners were tasked with determining the owner of each bookshelf. Take a look at the photographs below and see if you can work it out…

Your tutor choices (in alphabetical order) are:
Dan, Dave, Jess, Jill, Jim, Lara, Lesley, Lynn, Marie, Sarah B, Sarah S, Vicky

Writing Challenges
In Enrichment, learners were set the challenge of writing gripping stories using a limited number of words.